Board of Overseers Prize and Medal Selection Committee

Emil C. Herkert, PE, DEE, Chair
Chairman and CEO (Ret.)
Hatch, Mott, MacDonald Infrastructure and Environment

Thomas Degnan
Manager, Breakthrough and Leads Generation
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co.

Albert A. Dorman, FAIA '45
Founding Chairman (Ret.)

Irwin Dorros, PhD
Dorros Associates

Lawrence Gardner, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Cyber Extruder

Fadi Deek, PhD '85, '86, '97
Provost and Senior Executive Vice President

J. Robert Hillier, FAIAA
Founder, Hillier Architecture
J. Robert Hillier

Vincent Naimoli '62
Chairman Emeritus/Founder, Tampa Bay Rays
Chairman and CEO,
Anchor Industries and Naimoli Baseball Enterprises

Vincent L. Rinaldi '68
Philadelphia Energy Solutions, LLC

Donald H. Sebastian, PhD
Senior Vice President for Research and Development