PALs are the Peer Advisor Liaisons for the Advising Success Center, and they will assist with any questions students may have about advising. 

“We are students looking to help our campus peers by being available to provide quality resource information related to curriculum, majors, and NJIT advising policies and processes in an encouraging atmosphere.”

Meet the PALs

Tiffany Johnson

Major: Architecture

What I like about NJIT:

I like NJIT because it is a small campus, so it isn't easy for me to get lost. I like how it is close to my hometown & New York City, making it convenient to get to those places.

Mike Piazza

Major: Information Technology      

What I like about NJIT:

I like NJIT because it is a small and supportive Campus where students can always feel welcome.

Natalia Póltorak

Major: Biology

What I like about NJIT:

Everyone at this university is so accepting regardless of our differences. It's a very refreshing change to me.

Marquise Perez-Uzzle

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What I like about NJIT:

From day one when you step on campus, everyone tries to make you feel at home and help you adjust to campus life.

Frank Gonzalez


Major: Civil Engineering

What I like about NJIT:

I graduated from Nottingham High School in Hamilton, NJ. I like NJIT because the campus is small and it isn't a far commute from home. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus by joining clubs and organizations. I'm a part of Theta Chi Fraternity and SHPE. 

Joseph Ballardo

Major: Applied Mathematics

What I like about NJIT: 

One of the things I like the most about NJIT is how small and connected the community is. I'm able to easily make connections with other students and professors.


Yasmine El Garhi

Major: Computing in Business

What I like about NJIT:

NJIT has been a home to me since 2002 after attending the Pre-College Programs. After graduating from Union City High School, I chose NJIT to lead me into becoming a successful business woman in technology. I hope to make a presence at NJIT by helping others become independent and empowered as NJIT has done for me.

Martin Amaro

Major: Architecture

What I like about NJIT:

I came to NJIT because of the countless opportunities it gave me to grow as an individually Professionally and Socially. NJIT is an amazing place with a community I am proud to be apart of it.


Patrycja Puzio

Major: Biology

What I like about NJIT: 

Having a small campus makes it easier to get to your classes, plus having such a strong STEM community means constantly being exposed to new ideas and projects that professors, outside speakers, and so many of our own students are working on!


Juan Polanco

Major: Computer Engineering

What I like about NJIT:

I'm from New Brunswick, NJ, and I was born in Ecuador. What I enjoy most about NJIT is the memories and friendships you make here.