Alumni Achievement Honor Roll - 2008 Honorees

● Robert L. ‘Bob’ Bowser, PLS, PP – ‘58 BSCE
For his leadership in the fields of engineering, land surveying and planning; extensive service to his community including tenure as Mayor of East Orange; and service both as President of the National Council of Black Mayors and the President of the League of Municipalities of New Jersey!
● Robert ‘Bob’ Cozzarelli, RA, PP – ‘79 BArch
For his leadership in the field of architecture, planning and design; service to professional organizations like the American Institute of Architects; and a broad array of service to volunteer organizations and the NJIT School of Architecture!
● Joseph ‘Pal Joey’ Crecca – ‘62 BSME
For his inspiring leadership during his 14 years of service in the United States Air Force, including seven years in a North Vietnam prison during which he educated colleagues on subjects ranging from math & physics to classical music; and current support of military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq!
● Gerald J. ‘Jerry’ Foschini, Ph.D. – ‘61 BSEE
For his professional leadership in wireless communications, featuring development of breakthrough, patented technology for Bell Laboratories with 100 published papers, including seminal works on optical communications and resource allocation for both computer networks and wireless systems!
● Frederick ‘Fred’ Steil – ‘92 BSET
For his leadership in the field of plastics technology, with special contribution in the development of new and creative solutions for mold makers; and continued support to the Engineering Technology Department’s plastics technology courses at NJIT!