EMBA Alumni Partnership

There is a clear bond between alums who spent many weekends together completing the Executive MBA program at NJIT and our primary focus in establishing an alumni organization is to assist the management school and fellow graduates.  This includes mentoring, advice on curriculum, networking, etc. 

Our group has several committees and six officers (temporary officers until the election in January 2012).  Elaine Frazier is the Director of Graduate Programs at the School of Management and our primary NJIT staff contact.  She can be reached at 973-596-6378.  You can email to her at: frazier@adm.njit.edu

   Anam F. Ali '09, President
   Subba Marellapudi '12, Vice President

Board Members:
   Anthony Arizmendi '91, '08
   Abhishek Kulshreshtha '11
   Victor M. Ortiz, III  '13
   Rigo Cruz '90, '03

Past Events

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(Updated 10/31/13)