Pioneering Women at NJIT

The NJIT Pioneering Women program honors alumnae who opened doors to education and success for future generations.

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Today, some 25 percent of those studying at NJIT are women, higher than the national average for all technological universities in the United States. An even higher percentage of exceptionally talented young women are enrolled in the Albert Dorman Honors College. They are preparing for careers across the full spectrum of scientific disciplines.

When the pioneer of scientific management Dr. Lillian Moller Gilbreth became the first female professor to teach at Newark College of Engineering in the 1940s, women were notably absent from administrative positions as well as the classroom. This, too, has changed at NJIT. Women are now leading members of our academic departments, administrative offices, and governing boards.

The path to a welcoming environment for women at NJIT was blazed by a very special group of individuals — alumnae who were determined to become engineers and scientists at a time when such aspirations were too often actively discouraged. Earning their degrees thirty and more years ago, these women did much more than follow challenging paths toward personal success. Confronting the gender prejudice placed in the way of realizing their educational and professional goals, they helped to move society toward dismantling other barriers, including those erected because of culture and race.

These are the individuals who will be honored each year by the NJIT Women Pioneers. NJIT invites alumnae who graduated before 1980 to learn more about the Women Pioneers by contacting Assistant Vice President Monique Pryor at 973-596-8548 or

(picture) The NJIT Women Pioneers inaugural luncheon in 2011 was attended by 16 exceptional alumnae.