Office of the Bursar

Payment Plan Information

NJIT offers a deferred payment plan that provides you with flexibility and time to meet your financial obligation. The tuition payment plan is an option that breaks down the large lump sum payments due at the beginning of each semester into easy-to-manage installments. The plan is typically spread over several months, with the final payment due prior to registration for the next term.  If you select this option, there is an enrollment fee of $100 due with your first payment.  Late fee of $100 will be applied to each late payment. There are no payment plan options for the summer/winter sessions. Any portions of costs NOT covered by authorized financial aid, grants, scholarships or any other type of aid will be included in a Payment Plan.

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Payment Plan Examples.pdf

Spring 2016 Payment Plan Due Dates

  • Spring 2016 tuition is due January 13, 2016
  • Enrollment fee of $100 applies
  • Late payments will be subject to the payment penalty fee.

  6 Payment Plan 5 Payment Plan 4 Payment Plan 3 Payment Plan
Plan closes on 11/24/15 12/15/15 1/15/16 2/15/16
First Payment Due Due at Enrollment Due at Enrollment Due at Enrollment Due at Enrollment
Second Payment Due 12/01/15 1/1/2016 2/1/2016 3/1/2016
Third Payment Due 1/1/2016 2/1/2106 3/1/2016 4/1/2016
Fourth Payment Due 2/1/2016 3/1/2016 4/1/2016 n/a
Fifth Payment Due 3/1/2016 4/1/2016 n/a n/a
Sixth Payment Due 4/01/2016 n/a n/a n/a