Credit Card Payments

1. Credit card payments for tuition and fees are only accepted on-line through Highlander Pipeline.  The Cashiers Window in the Student Mall does not accept in-person credit card payments.  Computer terminals are available in the lobby of the Student Mall for you to access your account and make payment.

2. The credit card payment portal is on NJIT’s Highlander Pipeline, and connects you to the processor’s site.  Your credit card payment will be accepted on the processor’s site, which will add a non-refundable service fee of 2.75% to the transaction.  The amount of the service fee will be disclosed to you prior to the final submission of your credit card payment.  NJIT does not receive any income from this service fee.

3. An electronic personal check option is offered as a no-fee alternative to credit card payments through a link on the Highlander Pipeline portal. An e-check directly debits your personal checking or savings account.  E-check payment is accomplished by entering your bank routing and account information and authorizing the payment amount directly from your bank account.  The payment is reflected on your bank statement as a check withdrawal.  No service fee is assessed for electronic check payment.  Please check with your bank as to accounts you can use to process an e-check and to determine if your bank has any fees or restrictions associated with this type of transaction.

4. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted for payment towards your student account.

5. The Cashiers Window will continue to accept payment by check, cash, and money order in person.  Checks and money orders will also be accepted via the mail.