Community Connections

For Faculty & Advisors

The Office of the Provost's plan to create Learning Communities at NJIT was put into motion in Fall 2010. Community Connections, Learning Communities at NJIT, brings together students, professors, peer mentors, and advisors in an interactive way.

Faculty and Advisors are an integral part of the learning community and student learning experience. The relationship between faculty /advisors and their students is one of mutual respect that if fostered successfully can be extremely rewarding for both participants. Community Connections hopes to create these relationships into lasting bonds during the first year of study at NJIT.

Below are some useful tools for faculty and advisors.


Two experts in the development and implementation of new Learning Communities, Dr. Katherine Mayberry and Dr. Nancy Shapiro, presented workshops to facilitate NJIT's planning process.  The implementation of Learning Communities at NJIT exemplifies the potential for institutional transformation that results from the collaboration of academic and student affairs.


There are a number of online resources dedicated towards Learning Communities. The following highlight some of the pages and links that are particularly useful.