Finance and Treasurer

Finance and Treasurer

The Office of the Interim Vice President for Finance and Treasurer is committed to supporting the instruction, research and public service mission of the university by setting the appropriate tone, stressing the importance of ethical behavior, business transparency, a trusting environment, and personal credibility built on effective interpersonal skills. Of critical importance is the ability to communicate that this office oversees a capable and principled operation of financial professionals.

Financial management and accountability, integrity, strategic thinking, leadership, communication and team-building are all core competencies necessary to lead this Division. Applying these competencies will support the Finance Division’s mission of monitoring, protecting and preserving NJIT’s financial resources by applying industry “best practices”, ensuring long term financial stability, while adapting to an environment of declining state support.  Our objective is to consistently provide timely and accurate financial reports compliant with State and Federal financial reporting guidelines.

The primary functions within the Interim Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Division include:

  • Strategic Planning and Resource Allocations
  • Proper alignment of Business Services
  • Treasury and enterprise-wide risk management
  • Compliance and Financial Analysis and Reporting

The Office of the Interim Vice President for Finance and Treasurer leads the ‘ADAPT 2016’ initiative (Adjustability, Dependability, Accountability, Perseverance, and Teamwork), with the goal of researching, and implementing business service improvements to the university community in a collaborative and transparent process. This initiative will establish a ‘best practices’ approach to business operations; an approach that promotes speed and process efficiencies but also ensures accountability.

Edward J. Bishof
Interim Vice President for Finance & Treasurer