Student Financial Aid Services

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2007-2008


New Jersey Resident


Full Time (12–19 hours)



Part Time (1–11 hours)



Overtime (20+ hours)

$4,850/semester plus $370/each credit over 19

$9,216/semester plus $788/each credit over 19

Full-Time Student Fees per Semester (Fall & Spring)


$ 80

Academic Facilities


Student Services






Health Services


Technology Infrastructure



$ 825

Part-Time Student Fees per Semester (Fall & Spring)

One-Time Fees


$ 80

Health Services Fees



$ 102

Additional Fees, Per Credit Hour

Academic Facilities


Student Services

$ 9


$ 6


$ 8

Technology Infrastructure Fee



$80 (per credit)

All Student Fees (Summer or Winter Session)
$147 flat fee

International Student Fees
If you’re an international student, you’re charged the out-of-state tuition rate. Additionally, the international student fee is $90 per semester. For more information, please contact the Office of International Students and Faculty at 973-596-2451.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Tuition & Fees
In some cases, CPE programs require different fees. Check out the current listing of fee labels and fee amounts or contact CPE to learn more.

Admissions Application Fee
Applications for admission must be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of $50.

Readmission Application Fee
A nonrefundable fee of $50 must accompany applications for readmission.

Late-Payment Fee
If you don’t pay tuition and fees within the period stipulated in the payment instructions, you will be charged a $100 late fee.

Late Registration Fee
Registration is required each semester. A late-registration fee is required after the deadline specified in registration instructions. The current fee is $100.

Maintaining-Registration Fee
If you’re admitted to a degree program and find it necessary to discontinue your studies temporarily, you may maintain your enrollment by paying a maintaining-registration fee of $25 for each semester that you do not register for courses. Other limitations on maintaining registration exist for those who are having academic difficulty. If you're an international student who must interrupt your studies temporarily, you are required to first consult with the Office of International Students and Faculty to obtain permission for a leave of absence.

You will be charged a $100 fee each time you apply. If your degree requirements are not completed and you’re not certified for graduation, you must reapply for graduation and pay the $100 graduation fee again.

Make-up Examination
For examinations taken at times other than those regularly scheduled, there will be a fee of $50.

Schedule Change
There is a fee of $25 for each schedule change requested after the deadline specified by the registrar.

Parking Permit
You may purchase a parking permit if you’re an NJIT student who has registered for classes. Parking fees (per semester) are $125 for full-time students and $65 for part-time students. Adjustments to parking fees to reflect changes in full-time or part-time status will be made automatically on the fifth day of the semester only. Written requests for refunds will be granted by the Department of Public Safety only until the fifth day of each semester.

Additional Fees
From time to time, additional fees may be necessary, or current fees may need to be increased. Currently these include:

Distance Learning $65 per semester