Graduate Studies

New Course and Program Proposal

A revision to the standardized format for proposals for new graduate courses is listed below.  Note that a number of generic type courses such as Master's Thesis, Master's Project, Seminar, Special Topics, Independent Study, and Doctoral Dissertation do not require formal proposals. These were approved in a generic format with course numbers several years ago. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies if you require more information.

It is timely to reissue this standardized course proposal format along with the description of the recommended process for approval of new courses. A description of the process and the outline of the Program Proposal including use of external consultants for the entire process through State and Trustee approval is also listed below.

New or Revised Course

  • Process for New or Revised Course Approval (.PDF)
  • Form for Proposal of a New Graduate Course (.PDF, .DOC)
  • Form for Graduate Course Change/New Course Addition (.PDF) (.DOC)

New or Revised Program

  • Process for New Program Approval (.PDF)
  • Steps for New or Revised Program Approval (.PDF)
  • Form for Proposal of a New Graduate Program (.PDF) | (.DOC)
  • Proposal for Revised Degree Program: Departmental Approvals (.PDF) (.DOC)


  • Guidelines for the Selection of Consultants (.PDF)
  • Guidelines for Consultant's Report on a New Academic Program (.PDF) | (.DOC)