The Office of Institutional Research and Planning


Academic Affairs: Core Values, Institutional Learning Goals, and General University Requirement Core Competencies

We hold these Core Values to be at the center of all that we do in academic affairs at NJIT:

We believe that education is a lifelong activity.

We believe in answering the call of service in a variety of community settings.

We believe in the exercise of leadership in both professional and citizenship activities.

We believe in the application of technology to improve quality of life.

We encourage a sense of entrepreneurial inquiry to foster creative growth.

We uphold a sense of civility that embraces respect and candor.

We celebrate diversity in all cultural contexts.

As students seek disciplinary mastery, they will achieve skills and knowledge in the Institutional Learning Goals:

  1. Research-based Inquiry:  Students employ investigative methods
  2. Ethical Conduct:  Students understand professional and civic responsibility
  3. Economic Opportunity:  Students understand economic reasoning and demonstrate that they are able to allocate resources effectively and logically under operating constraints
  4. Collaboration:  Students work effectively in teams to engage multidisciplinary perspectives
  5. Engagement:  Students are active and committed learners

As all students experience general university requirements, we measure these Core Competencies to support the improvement of student learning:

  1. Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Information Literacy

The NJIT Program Assessment Model

Current Program Assessment Reports:

NJIT Assessment Template

NJIT Program Review Data