The Office of Institutional Research and Planning


IRP conducts annual surveys, including the following:

(For more information, contact IRP at 973-596-3110.)

Non-Enrolling Students Summer 2014

Entering Undergraduate Student Survey Fall 2014

Entering Graduate Student Survey Fall 2014

Ethnicity Fall 2014

Study Aboard Survey Fall 2011 - Fall 2014

Learning Community Survey Fall 2014

Learning at NJIT Survey Fall 2014

Athletics Program and Exit Surveys Fall 2014

Graduating Undergraduate Student Survey Winter 2015

Graduating Graduate Student Survey Winter 2015

Athletics Program and Exit Surveys Winter 2015

Honors College Student Survey Spring 2015

Student Satisfaction Survey Spring 2015

Alumni Survey Spring 2015

Study Aboard Survey Fall 2011-Spring 2015

Athletics Program and Exit Surveys Spring 2015

Online Face to Face Course Evaluation Template (Revised Spring 2012)

Online Distance Learning Course Evaluation Template  (Revised Spring 2012)