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Commuter Student Parking Sales Tax

Dear Students:

The State of New Jersey recently amended its sales tax law to make parking by commuter students in university parking subject to the 7 percent sales tax.  Commuter students are those students who do not reside in university housing.

Because it was believed that there was a possibility that the new provisions relating to universities would be repealed, NJIT did not add the sales tax to our parking bills.  It is now apparent that the changes to the sales tax law will remain in place as written.

Beginning with the tuition bills for the Spring Semester of Academic Year 2008, we will begin collecting the required 7 percent sales tax from commuter students.  The sales tax will be clearly identified on a separate line item in your Spring Semester tuition bill.  Your term bill will reflect your university residency status at the time of vehicle registration.  Adjustments will be made, as appropriate, if your university residency/parking status changes on the fifth day of the semester.

The sales tax we will be collecting is not, and should not be considered to be, a fee imposed by NJIT.  It will be remitted in its entirety to the State of New Jersey.

Very truly yours, 

Robert Gjini
Director of Parking Services