Security Systems, Photo Identification and Parking Services

Overnight Parking Policy

Only resident students, faculty, staff and NJIT Greek row residents who purchase a parking permit will be permitted to park overnight on levels 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of the parking deck.

  1. For purposes of definition, “overnight” is considered the time between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM, Monday-Friday.
  2. A fine will be issued to those who park overnight without authorization.
  3. “Overnight Student” parking hang tags are issued (by mail) to resident students by the Parking Services Department.  The type of student parking tag you are issued depends on your residence status at the time of on-line parking registration.  If there is a change in your residence status, please report to the parking office to obtain a corrected tag.
  4. Faculty and staff hang tags are exempt.
  5. Overnight passes will be issued to Greek row residents and to students who can demonstrate the need to stay through the night for academic purposes or for university business.


As in the past, guests of resident students will be issued a one-night permit through the Department of Public Safety.


How to obtain an exemption:

In general, exemptions will be granted for academic purposes and university business.  Please note that exemptions may not necessarily result in a blanket waiver of the overnight parking rule.

Follow the link to and complete the “Overnight Parking Exemption Form” and submit it to the following location based upon your reason for seeking an exemption:

  • Submit to the Dean of Students Office for on-campus employment, laboratory work, student organizations, non-architecture academic exemptions and any other reasons.
  • Submit to the Director of Greek Life if you live on Greek row.

We expect to respond to each request within 72 hours. Any questions or concerns regarding exemptions should be directed to the Dean of Students Office, 973.596.3466.

All exemption decisions are final. There is no process for appeal.

-- Dean of Student Services

Updated June 4, 2008