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What is the Consortium?

The Consortium for Pre-College Education in Greater Newark is a collaboration between the Newark public school district and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Funded by the New Jersey Higher Education, the Consortium aims to provide educational programs and college bound activities for over 700 students in grades six through twelve. Our population is more often low-income, Black or Latino and the first generation of their family to aspire and attend college. The Consortium offer a broad array of educational programs to students interested in going to college.



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The Program is designed to provide a specific set of learning experiences for students in grades 7-12; in an educational continuance at one of the Consortium partner institution, i.e., New Jersey Institute of Technology. All classroom instruction is centered on the state mandated core curriculum. Consortium wide events give participants the opportunity to explore a wide variety of career choices. Participants attend a six-week, full-day program during the summer and a twenty-week Saturday program during the school year. NJIT serves as the host institute for this collaboration.

 Upward Bound English Language Learners (UBELLs)

This Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is designed to address the needs of low-income and first-generation college students. The types of services offered include a twenty-week academic year and a six-week summer residential component. Special emphasis is placed upon assisting students achieve English competence while providing academic instruction in mathematics, science, communication skills, computer applications and Spanish.

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs)

NJ GEARUP offers educational support and assistance to middle and high school students to help them prepare for and enroll in a college or university. Students participate in a six-week summer program and twenty weeks of Saturday academic instruction. Participants are offered in-service and after-school tutoring during the school year. Seventh graders receive a 21st Century Scholars certificate.


Special Programs


Summer Engineering Program

This Institute introduces students in grades 7th - 9th to the basic concepts underlying chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering and its applications through classroom instruction, laboratory and field activities. Students perform experiments in robotics, physics, chemistry, biology and learn computer programming. Student qualification is based on superior performance in the areas of mathematics and science.


The Summer Engineering Program aims at improving the math and science skills of participating students as well as to introduce them to college and careers in the fields of engineering, technology and science.

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