Center for Pre College Programs

Options for Advanced Academic Achievement

College courses for college credit in partnership with New Jersey Institute of Technology

The purpose of this program is to provide qualified high school students from partnered schools with the opportunity to take college credit courses at their school during the regular academic year. These courses will be taught by teachers certified by NJIT as an adjunct faculty member in the related NJIT department.

In general, junior and senior high school students with an overall average of “B” or better, including course prerequisites, will be permitted to enroll in college credit courses. Through on-site programs, certified high school teachers will instruct college credit course(s) as part of their regular load at their secondary school.

Memorandum of Understanding

NJIT will enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the participating high schools. The agreement will detail various aspects including logistics of course registration and grading, course syllabi, certification process of teachers, etc.

On-site Courses

The number and level of college credit courses offered depends on the academic preparation of the students, the availability of qualified faculty at the secondary school, and access to specialized equipment and facilities. The course syllabus, textbook, requirements, and credit value of each course is the same as on the NJIT campus. Students who successfully complete the course work receive college credits that appear on an NJIT transcript. These credits are generally transferable to most two and four-year colleges in the U.S. Courses that are available for participating secondary schools include (course descriptions are available at

  • Calculus I (Math 111—4 credits)
  • Calculus II (Math 112—4 credits)
  • English: Writing, Speaking, Thinking (HUM 101—3 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Design (FED 101—2 credits)
  • General Chemistry I + Lab (Chem 125/125A—4 credits)
  • General Chemistry II + Lab (Chem 126/126A—4 credits)
  • Industrial Organization & Management (Mgmt 190—3 credits)
  • Roadmap to Computing (CS 100—3 credits)
  • Introduction to Information Technology (IT 101—3 credits)
  • Macroeconomics (Econ 266—3 credits)
  • Physics I & Lab (Phys 111/111A—4 credits)
  • Physics II & Lab (Phys 121/211A—4 credits)

Tuition & Fees

Students enrolled in NJIT college credit courses through this program pay reduced undergraduate tuition and fees. Tuition is $125 per credit. Payment may be made entirely by the school district, entirely by the student's family, or through some shared arrangement. All registration and fees will be processed through the high school.

Teacher Certification

  • Candidates must have a MS/MA degree in a related area to the college course they will be teaching, or a BS degree with significant experience.
  • Teachers must be currently teaching or have taught AP or equivalent classes in related areas for at least two years.
  • Candidates must provide NJIT with a copy of a current resume, a letter of recommendation from the secondary school principal, and a portfolio of work, including exams, student performance and sample lesson plans in related courses.
  • The chairperson or designee of the NJIT academic department offering the course then reviews these materials.
  • Teachers will take part in a summer workshop for selected courses. These workshops will cover both content area and pedagogy, and will be taught by regular NJIT faculty. Secondary school teachers are paid a stipend upon completion of the certification workshop.


The grading policies are the same as for all undergraduate college courses taught at NJIT. It is expected that high schools will map these grades into their own grading scheme and weight the grades in the same way as Advanced Placement (AP) or other college level courses. The NJIT college credit courses will also be treated as satisfying the same Carnegie unit value for equivalent high school courses and apply toward the student's graduation requirements.

More information about the Options Program may be obtained in the full brochure (pdf)

To become a partner

Secondary schools wishing to participate in Options for Advanced Academic Achievement should contact:

Ms. Levelle Burr-Alexander
Interim Executive Director, Center for Pre-college Programs
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone (973) 596-3550