President's Report 2003-2003: A Message from the Chairman

President's Report 2003-2003: New Jersey's Catalyst for Prosperity

A Message from the Chairman

James A. Kennedy (right), chair of NJIT's Board of Trustees, and Victor Pelson, former chair, unveil the Wall of Honor celebrating the success of Design for the Future: The Campaign for NJIT.

The single most important event of 2002 for New Jersey Institute of Technology was the recruitment of Robert A. Altenkirch as the seventh president of the university. Bob joined us in July and very shortly found himself drawn into an exciting and vitally important discussion of the future of higher education in New Jersey. A strategic academic and research leader, he immediately recognized the opportunities in reorganizing higher education to maximize the return on the state's investment in research and academic resources.  

As chair of the search committee that selected Bob, I know that NJIT has the right individual in place to lead the university in its next stage of growth and service to New Jersey. NJIT is definitely ready to make the leap to the next level of achievement. Our academic rankings, our grant support, and our partnerships with government and industry are at the highest level in our history and continue to grow daily. An accomplished scholar and administrator with advanced degrees from Purdue and the University of California at Berkeley, Bob oversaw dramatic growth in partnerships and external funding resources as Vice President for Research at Mississippi State University, with responsibility for federal government relations. He understands the unique demands and mission of a major state research university, having served in key positions at three well-regarded state universities of national stature. His vision for NJIT's future is firmly grounded and persuasively argued, and fits well with the rationale for science and technology research and training that drove the Commission's report.

The university is very fortunate to have such a broad-gauged, experienced academic leader to carry it forward, and to help us meet the challenges before us.

James A. Kennedy
Chairman of the Board of Trustees