Better Bus Transportation

Dr. Janice Daniel studies ways to make travel in New Jersey more efficient.

Janice Daniel, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, uses computer models to study ways to make travel on New Jersey's roads and highways more efficient. Two current projects funded by NJIT's National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity and the New Jersey Department of Transportation deal with safety and reliability of bus transportation.
Bus nubs are the focus a study she is conducting in collaboration with Professors Walter Konon and Rongfang Liu, both of civil and environmental engineering. Bus nubs are treatments in which the sidewalk at an intersection is extended out to a distance equal to the depth of parallel parking, allowing buses to stop in the traffic lane without risk to passengers. The study will examine safety, travel speed and passenger comfort at bus nubs as compared with conventional bus stops, and to install bus nubs at locations in New Jersey.

In the second study, Dr. Daniel is investigating the effectiveness of traffic signal priority for buses. Signal priority, which can minimize delays in bus transportation, temporarily alters the traffic signal phase when a bus approaches a red traffic signal so that the bus receives a green light when it arrives. The project will assess the impact of signal priority, as well as costs and safety issues. Edward Lieberman, president of KLD Associates, of Huntington Station, N.Y., and Raghavan Srinivasan, of the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, are partners in the study.