Evaluating Brownfields

James Mack (left) and George Fallat direct the Brownfields Project, aimed a re-using abandoned industrial sites.

Sites in Newark, Carlstadt, Carteret and Elizabeth were the focus of in-depth case studies by the Brownfields Economic Development project. The project, directed by George Fallat, deputy director of the National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity and James Mack of the York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science, evaluates abandoned industrial sites -- Brownfields -- in northern New Jersey to determine their potential for freight-related redevelopment.



At the Carteret site, a former landfill adjacent to Exit 12 of the New Jersey Turnpike, the project team helped to develop conceptual plans for a truck stop, hotel and distribution center. The study assessed clean-up requirements, real estate market potential and options for linking the site to the turnpike. The owner of the 13-acre Newark site, the former home of Albert Steel Drum, received technical reports and advice for redeveloping the site into a modern warehouse for shippers using the nearby port. The team recommended that the State of New Jersey should consider creating new mechanisms and policies for promoting freight-related Brownfields use.

The Brownfields Project is also assisting the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission in developing an area-wide assessment approach for characterizing 40 acres of Brownfields at the Paterson Plank Road Redevelopment sites, and the City of Trenton in performing a Triad based site characterization of the Assunpink Creek Brownfield Project.