Examining IT Strategies

William Rapp, Henry J. Leir Chair of International Trade and Business, focuses his research on companies that have been successful as a result of their IT policies.

Identifying the companies that have been the most successful in incorporating information technology into their business and using it strategically to gain a competitive advantage is the focus of research by William V. Rapp, holder of the School of Management's Henry J. Leir Chair in International Trade and Business. His recently-published book, Information Technology Strategies: How Leading Firms Use IT to Gain an Advantage, is designed to help managers in their struggle to harness the new information revolution advantageously.
Recent studies indicate that despite the explosive growth in the Internet and systems investments, many companies find they are not getting the returns they anticipated. Rapp's research examined the IT-incorporating strategies and "best-practice" paradigm successfully pursued by leading U.S., Japanese and European firms. He is currently examining Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce. The study is investigating reasons for the development of a more robust model of B2C e-commerce in Japan based on the convenience store model compared to the struggles of Amazon and Barnes and Noble type dotcoms in the U.S.