Evaluating Polymer Coatings

Dr. Marino Xanthos is leading a study comparing the effectiveness and environmental impact of polymer coatings.

A study that will compare various types of polymer powder coatings for effectiveness as well as environmental impact during manufacturing  and application is underway at NJIT's Polymer Engineering Center. Led by Marino Xanthos, professor of chemical engineering, the study will look at novel "green" manufacturing methods of polymer powder coatings and compare conventional high temperature curing of the dry coatings with lower temperature curing by UV radiation. The UV curing process appears to reduce energy usage and lower environmental impact. The study will look at cost comparison and overall engineering effectiveness. Polymeric powder coatings provide environmental and corrosion protection in a variety of commercial and military applications. Manufacturers would benefit from identification of a process that lowers overall costs while reducing energy requirements and minimizing hazardous air pollutants.