Coastal Water Quality

Dr. Sima Bagheri uses airborne images to monitor the quality of coastal waters.

Establishing remote sensing  as an operational management tool in assessing the quality of New Jersey's nearshore waters is the focus of research by Sima Bagheri, professor of civil and environmental engineering.  Under a NASA Faculty Fellowship, she participated in the NASA Airborne Oceanographic LIDAR (light detection and ranging) remote sensing data acquisition over the East Coast.

The program remotely measures biological and chemical substances in the world's oceans and coastal zones, using sensors that are flown in aircraft to make measurements.  The research supports satellite measurements of water quality parameters important in global warming, carbon flux and climate change research. In conjunction with the mission, Dr. Bagheri received the data collected over New Jersey during the flight which she is using to calibrate bio-optical models developed in a related National Science Foundation project.