Improving New Jersey's Drinking Water

Dr. Taha Marhaba heads the New Jersey Applied Water Research Center.

The New Jersey Applied Water Research Center, directed by Taha Marhaba, associate professor of environmental engineering, has been established by NJIT in partnership with the American Water Works Association to unite industry, government and academia in a common effort to research and improve the state's drinking water. Researchers from NJIT and the Water Works Association, a non-profit group dedicated to providing the state with safe drinking water, expect to have a significant impact on the state's water infrastructure. The center's emphasis on applied research specific to New Jersey will fill in the gaps that national research programs have not addressed. Researchers will also work to assure that the region's water supply is safe from bio-terrorist attacks, developing monitoring systems to identify biological agents deposited in the water infrastructure.

Other aims of the center include investigating methods for combating drought; encouraging state utilities and universities to conduct drinking water research; providing state agencies with research ideas on water supply; and establishing a public service center that will inform residents about research on water supply.