Integrating Library Services

Dr. Michael Bieber is developing a digital library integration infrastructure.

Michael Bieber, associate professor of information systems, is leading a project to develop a Digital Library Service Integration (DLSI) infrastructure. Supported by the National Science Foundation under its National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) program, the project aims to provide a systematic approach for integrating digital library collections and services.
Digital library repositories contain on-line collections multimedia documents -- text files, photos, videos and animations, teaching materials, and computer programs.  Digital library services are emerging, such as classification, searching, and peer review, as well as hypermedia functionality such as annotation and guided tours.  Currently specific digital library services work for specific digital library collections only. The NSDL program, which aims to establish a national digital library for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is focusing on gathering educationally-related collections and services and integrating these so that services can be shared among collections.
Using the Dynamic Hypermedia Engine (DHE) developed at NJIT's Collaborative Hypermedia Research Laboratory, the DLSI program will integrate relatively simple services that may be used without modification.  The project will also explore giving access to services that require customization, such as peer review. Services and collections generally will require minimal or no changes to plug into the DLSI infrastructure. The research team believes that DLSI can form the core of vibrant virtual educational communities by supporting a broad range of community support services.