Moving Market Research On Line

Drs. James Geller, Yehoshua Perl and Richard Scherl are developing a software system to conduct market research on the World Wide Web.

Researchers at NJIT are building a Web-based software system that conducts a new kind of market research -- it scours areas of the Web and extracts "interest information'" from personal homepages. The team, which includes Professors James Geller and Yehoshua Perl, and Assistant Professor Richard Scherl, aims to make use of the abundance of personal homepages on the World-Wide Web where people freely express many of their likes and dislikes.  Such information can be very valuable to marketers looking to narrowly identify individuals as potential customers for particular products.  It can also be used to draw conclusions about certain relationships between interests and demographic categories.
The ultimate goal is to help marketers to construct collections of individuals (with e-mail addresses) with a potential interest in certain categories of products. A prototype is on line. To learm more, check with  The system sorts people both by demographics which defines people of interest to market researchers, and by more than 31,000 interests. Marketers will be able to link various classes of individuals to categories of interests and corresponding products. The study is partially supported by the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology.