Managing Digital Images

The VISTA slide show index helps instructors to organize class materials.

Wassim Jabi, assistant professor of architecture has designed a digital asset management and display system attuned to educational settings. Known as VISTA, the system enables instructors to search a database of digital assets, select the ones they want and save them in sortable virtual slide trays. They can then use those trays for in-class presentations. The system, developed under a grant from the NJ I-Tower project, helps administrators and faculty manage the digital collection, the courses, the trays, and the user accounts. The system is currently being tested at the New Jersey School of Architecture and will soon be made more widely available.
In another project, Jabi is leading a team to faculty and librarians to develop a program that would allow architecture students to view interactive panoramic images for architectural landmarks with a new technology known as  "spherical panoramic imaging." The system is ideal for architectural education because it displays 360-degree panoramas that allow students to study an architectural site from many different perspectives. The interactive panoramas can be rotated, reduced and enlarged. Students can focus on parts of a scene and zoom in and out to study details and relationships. The technique is especially valuable for studying interior spaces. He hopes to create a digital panorama of architectural sites in Venice.