Measuring Software Quality Attributes

Dr. Ali Mili is developing a system of measurements of software quality to facilitate product line engineering.

Developing a system of metrics -- measurements of software quality which indicate the complexity, understandability, testability, description and intricacy of code -- for software architectures is the focus of a study by Ali Mili, professor of computing science. The goal of the project, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, is to facilitate product line engineering, a specialized form of software reuse. One way to reduce the cost of developing a software is to create a product line, a group of similar products structured to take advantage of each other's assets. Dr. Mili is investigating metrics for domain architecture, the organizational structure or design of software systems. The project has a three-tiered approach, involving a distinction among qualitative attributes, quantitative factors and computable metrics. The project will lead to a better understanding of quality attributes of product line architectures and better means of quantifying these attributes.