Making Silicon Devices More Reliable

Dr. Durga Misra is researching better ways to protect silicon chips from contamination.

Better ways to protect silicon semiconductors from contamination and increase their electrical stability are the focus of research by Durga Misra, professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of NJIT's Device and Materials Characterization Laboratory. With funding from the National Science Foundation, he  is investigating an innovative method of introducing deuterium ions into the layer of silicon that typically interfaces with a "gate" layer of silicon oxide. Deuterium improves the electrical characteristics of the transistor by means of the "hot electron" effect in this region of the device.  The research at NJIT shows that it is possible to introduce deuterium into the silicon through implantation at an earlier stage of transistor fabrication with far less, if any, damage.  The implantation dose and energy can be optimized for greater electrical efficiency. Misra is also looking into applying these findings to silicon nanocrystals used for optoelectronic devices.