Advancing Nanotechnology

Dr. Donald Sebastian, NJIT's vice president for research and development, and Cherry Murray, Lucent's vice president for physical sciences, are spearheading the effort to put New Jersey into the forefront of the nanotechnology industry.

NJIT took a leading role in the creation of the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium (NJNC). Under the leadership of Donald Sebastian, vice president for research and development, the university was the first academic institution to partner with Lucent Technologies and the State of New Jersey in an initiative designed to bring the state into the forefront of the burgeoning "small tech" (MEMS and nanotechnology) industries. Central to the consortium is the establishment of Lucent's world class Nanofabrication Laboratory as a non-profit R&D facility. The center's goals are to conduct research, develop and prototype devices and systems, stimulate new business and growth, commercialize nanotechnology concepts and train more nanotech scientists and specialists.