IT Research for Undergrads

A new program at the College of Computing Sciences offers undergraduate students an opportunity to take part in real-world research projects that apply information technology in a variety of fields.

NJIT's College of Computing Sciences has launched a new initiative designed to involve undergraduate honors students in real-world, industry-supported research projects in information technology. Funded by a grant from Lucent Technologies Foundation, the project will establish a new learning laboratory in which faculty can conduct timely research and development while mentoring senior IT students in the Albert Dorman Honors College. The initiative is led by Fadi P. Deek, associate dean of the College of Computing Sciences and associate professor of information systems, and Robert S. Friedman, director of undergraduate programs.


The undergraduate program in Information Technology offers an applied computing degree that addresses the integration, design, deployment and management of computing and telecommunication resources and services, as well as the development of technology infrastructures in organizations. The program allows students to combine a strong computing background with application in a specific field of their choice, such as engineering, science, technology, arts, management, and architecture. An applications-oriented research experience will prepare students for the technology workforce. The research initiative builds on NJIT's New Jersey Information Technology Opportunities for the Workforce, Education and Research (NJ I-TOWER), a $2.5 million project funded by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, which is working toward providing an honors quality experience to all computing students.