BioMEMS Summer Institute

A new summer program, directed by Dr. William Hunter, chair of biomedical engineering, will introduce students from other disciplines to the emerging field of bioMEMS.

An intensive, 10-week summer program slated to launch in the summer of 2003 will offer students from outside of the field of biomedical engineering an intensive introduction to the emerging field of BioMEMS. Directed by William C. Hunter, professor and chair of biomedical engineering, the BioMEMS Summer Bioengineering Institute at NJIT will be open to both undergraduate and graduate students in engineering disciplines, the life sciences, physical sciences, pre-medicine and other health science fields. Students will get a four-course foundation in biomedical engineering as well as research experience, including fabricating a BioMEMS device in the university's Class-10 cleanroom.



The institute is part of a joint initiative of the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to attract more students to bioengineering and bioinformatics, which the agencies have identified as the "essential underpinning fields of the 21st century."  Microelectomechanical Systems (MEMS) -- microscopic machines that can perform a wide variety of functions as sensors, pumps and motors -- are becoming increasing important tools in the biomedical arena. With NSF grant support, the program will be offered to qualified students free of charge, including meals and lodging on the NJIT campus.