Interactive Polymer Engineering

Students at National Starch and Chemical Company can join those on the Newark campus via interactive TV. Drs. Marino Xanthos (left) and Sanjay Malhotra lead a discussion at both locations in the Polymer Engineering Certificate program.

A new 12-credit certificate program offers NJIT graduate students a chance to learn the latest advances in Polymer Engineering. Directed by Marino Xanthos, professor of chemical engineering, the new program draws upon the expertise of the Otto H. York Department of Chemical Engineering, the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science and the Polymer Processing Institute at NJIT. Coursework covers polymerization; polymer structures and properties; polymer processing; and materials and process selection for polymer product design. All 12 credits can be applied toward a master's degree in chemical engineering.


Courses are currently being offered to students both on campus and at the National Starch and Chemical Company. Interactive television allows students at both locations to attend classes simultaneously. The polymer program is the latest educational joint venture between NJIT and the Bridgewater firm which is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, specialty synthetic polymers, specialty food, healthcare and industrial starches. NJIT's Division of Continuing Professional Education has had a partnership with National Starch since 1997, working with faculty to tailor certificate programs in polymers, applied chemistry and management of technology and degree programs in management and applied chemistry offered to company employees at company headquarters. A total of 167 National Starch employees have studied in NJIT programs.