Sergei Adamovich, associate professors of biomedical engineering, and Marilyn Tremaine, professor and chair on information systems, partner with faculty at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey to develop computer-based programs for rehabiliatation after a stroke. Working closely with UMDNJ's RIVERS -- Rehabilitation in Virtual Environments and Rehabilitation Science -- laboratory, the team developed a PC-based exercise system for hand rehabilitation for stroke victims.

The system uses two hand input  devices, a CyberGlove (in the photo above) and a RMII force feedback glove, to allow the user to interact with four hand exercise simulations. The exercises are simple games that provide frequent feedback about the success of the action as well as the quality of the performance to encourage participation and concentration. The team recently studied the program's effects on eight post-stroke patients, and found that six improved significantly in range of finger motion, and four also improved in speed of finger flexion.