President's Report 2003-2004: Economic Development

                                                           ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

NJIT’s Center for Manufacturing Systems, directed by Wayne Chaneski, assisted approximately 100 New Jersey companies in 2003-2004, providing machined prototype parts, product redesigns to reduce manufacturing costs, manufacturing process development efforts, and on-site engagements seeking to identify short-term productivity improvement opportunities.  The center also assisted faculty and staff on some 40 research projects.

Chaneski worked with more than 30 small and mid-sized New Jersey manufacturers to improve the bottom line through implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques, including:

Assured Automation, Clark, NJ, where Chaneski worked with both the company’s management team and manufacturing personnel to identify opportunities for streamlining the entire customer order fulfillment process.  
Universal Folding Box, Hoboken, NJ, where he worked with six teams of employees over a nine month period to reduce machine changeover times from as much as six hours to as little as two hours.  Workplace organization efforts, along with more advance preparation, were keys to the improvements achieved.


Girard Equipment Co., Linden, NJ, where Chaneski worked with the senior management team to identify the wastes causing delays and cost overruns.
Oxford Instruments, Carteret, NJ, were he worked with a cross-functional team consisting of management personnel and machine operators to reduce machine changeover times by up to 50 percent.