In its efforts to improve safety and reduce the turnover of skilled operating personnel, New Jersey Transit and the New Jersey Department of Transportation have initiated a project to examine existing hours of service (HOS) guidelines and develop a computer model aimed at minimizing operator fatigue for New Jersey Transit's rail operations personnel.

An NJIT research team led by One-jang Jeng, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering, is partnering with Circadian Technologies Incorporated, a leading expert in the area of rail operator fatigue, to examine New Jersey  Transit's current HOS database and analyze specific HOS outputs using current research results from CTI's Fatigue Estimator software.  NJIT is also conducting a survey of rail operations personnel to identify scheduling as well as other factors and features which may be fatigue-inducing.  The goal is to develop practical and credible guidelines for reducing fatigue, meeting applicable rules and regulations, and addressing management and staff personnel concerns.