With support from New Jersey Department of Transportation, NJIT researchers are studying highway traffic signal timing plans. Steven I-Jy Chien, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, and George Fallat, deputy director of IITC, have established the Traffic Simulation Laboratory at NJIT to collect data, evaluate traffic control systems, develop models and facilitate field implementation.

The project is supported by New Jersey Department of Transportation, with the goal of establishing a better method to develop, implement and update traffic signal timing plans for roadway networks of connected and non-connected intersections. Existing traffic simulation models require extensive data collection and substantial efforts to develop these plans and are not responsive to dynamic patterns of traffic flow. Furthermore, development of traffic signal timing plans, the means to implement the results of these models, has not been integrated into the output of the models. The method for integrating simulation/optimization models developed through this research effort can advance the state of the art in research and development of advanced traffic control systems, and can enhance the state of the practice in their implementation