University Faculty and Staff
Robert A. Altenkirch, President
August 1, 2003
HR Personnel Support

Recently I informed members of the university community that we are in the process of initiating a study to determine the best human resources and legal affairs structure for NJIT and that, while the study is being initiated and is underway, the Department of Human Resources and the Office of Legal and Employment Affairs have been separated for administrative purposes.


As we enter into a particularly busy period for Human Resources, it has become clear that additional personnel are needed to cover the workload. In order to respond to that need, I have asked Ted Johnson, executive director of Compliance, Training and Community Relations, to serve as acting vice president for Human Resources, to whom the Department of Human Resources will report in the interim.  Joining Ted on a part-time basis will be Serena Branson, currently assistant to the dean, College of Computing Sciences and formerly assistant director for employment in the Department of Human Resources. Serena brings an experienced hand to Human Resources, and Ted's educational background in Human Resources administration will help ensure that the level of service needed by the campus community is provided.


We anticipate this structure to remain in place until the study mentioned above is completed, and we decide on a permanent structure for Human Resources at NJIT.


We will continue to keep members of the university community informed, and we will seek your input, as we develop recommendations for a permanent Human Resources structure at NJIT.