Members of the NJIT Community
Robert A. Altenkirch, President of NJIT
January 27, 2003
Campus Appearance Projects Underway

An effort to improve the appearance of NJIT’s campus is underway.  President Altenkirch recently formed an ad-hoc Campus Appearance Committee to suggest actions consisting of small grounds items or issues that if addressed would have an immediate impact on the attractiveness of the campus (e.g. cleaning up a parking lot, replacing a deteriorated bench, planting shrubs).  The committee is also working to develop a short-term campus landscaping plan to be implemented as the current campus construction projects are completed.  A second committee, beginning in late spring or early summer, will develop a longer-term campus master plan, including potential building sites, traffic flow, and further development of the short-term landscaping plan.

The first phase of improvements is underway. The committee considered a number of potential projects and selected the following prioritized list:

  1. Remove Garbage Containers Campus wide, Install Compactor
  2. Remove Posts & Chains Campus wide
  3. Install ground cover and pathway with decorative fence at Parking Deck
  4. Replace Trash Containers and Cigarette Urns
  5. Replace Concrete at Laurel Hall
  6. Install Decorative Fence and replant ground cover at Laurel Hall
  7. Install Tree grates on Summit Street
  8. GITC Entrance at Central Ave Replace ground cover and plantings
  9. Remove Bus Stop on Summit Street Install Bike rack
  10. Replace 2 Signs at Athletic Field and at GITC
  11. Remove 2 Signs and replant area at Electrical and Computer Engineering Building
  12. Remove Fence at Tiernan Lot 5 and Warren Street and Specht
  13. Install Concrete Walkway at Cypress Hall
  14. Construct Concrete Pad for existing Bench - West Green
  15. Replace ground cover at Microelectronics on Summit Street

In addition to the above, which fits approximately within the $100,000 that is anticipated to be available for the first phase, the following improvement projects have also been scheduled for completion:

  • Relocate Guard Booth
  • Repair Border at Parking Deck and King Blvd.
  • Repair Summit St. mock-up area
  • Patch sidewalk at Colden St.
  • Repair Landings at Kupfrian Hall

Further details on each of the selected projects are available, including digital photographs and the full list of projects considered by the committee.

The campus community will be kept informed as work progresses on these efforts.

Read the January 2004 report on the Campus Appearance Project