NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch, President
October 27, 2003
Consultant Report and New Administrative Structure for Human Resources at NJIT

In July, we separated the Department of Human Resources and the Office of Legal and Employment Affairs for administrative purposes (see Presidential Announcement of 7/9/03) and embarked on a consultant study in September (see Presidential Announcement of 9/4/03) to develop recommendations for how our Human Resources services might best be structured.  The consultant recently completed his report, and a copy of it is available below in PDF format.  In reviewing the report, soliciting feedback from those whose roles and responsibilities would be directly affected by the recommendations in the report and Vice Presidents and Deans, and in meetings with several leadership groups on campus, I have decided to begin implementation immediately of the structure outlined in the report.  The current Payroll and Benefits function and the Employee Assistance Program will report to the Vice President for Human Resources, who reports to the President.  In implementation of this structure, we will need to define clearly the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Human Resources as they relate to payroll, because some aspects of payroll are properly within the Finance and Budget Office, and as they relate to Employment Affairs and Labor Relations, some aspects of which are best administered within the Office of General Counsel, which also reports to the President.

Previously the Vice President and General Counsel had responsibility for the Department of Human Resources (not including Payroll and Benefits and the Employee Assistance Program) and the Office of Legal and Employment Affairs.  Essentially, the roles and responsibilities of this vice presidential position are being redefined to focus on providing comprehensive human resource services to the NJIT community.  As the various functions mentioned here are moved into the East Building over the next month, they will be consolidated into a single location.  Until that relocation takes place, the several functions will remain physically in their current location.

As this structure is being implemented, with a comprehensive Department of Human Resources being established separate from the Office of General Counsel, there will be a period of transition, during which there may be some disruption as various roles and responsibilities are delineated.  To assist in this transition and to minimize any disruption of services, we plan to engage a consulting group to assist us in designing the details of the structure so that we do not take away substantially from the time of personnel in the functions affected to provide service to the NJIT community. 

We appreciate your input to the development of this proposed structure and your patience during implementation.



Attachment:  HR Consultant Report (pdf, 97KB)