NJIT Faculty and Staff
Robert A. Altenkirch
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Provost Van Buskirk Transitions to Teaching and Research

Bill Van Buskirk informed me that he will resign his position as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at NJIT, effective June 30, 2004. He intends to return to teaching and research as a distinguished professor in the department of biomedical engineering. Bill has served in his current role for nearly the past six years.


In his first year at NJIT, Bill led a strategic planning effort resulting in the creation of a department of biomedical engineering, movement of the chemistry and environmental science faculty to the College of Science and Liberal Arts, and the conversion of the department of computer and information science into a College of Computing Sciences (CCS) with two departments, computer science and information systems. CCS currently enrolls 28% of the student body.


During his tenure, enrollment has increased as have SAT scores. Retention and graduation rates have improved as well as student satisfaction and NJIT’s position in national rankings. PhD production has averaged over 50 for the last three years. Bill can take pride in having been student centered throughout his career. He led the development of a more effective teaching evaluation program at NJIT and a reward system that recognizes excellence in teaching.


Prior to coming to NJIT in 1998, Bill served on the faculty at Tulane University where he developed an undergraduate program in biomedical engineering that evolved into a department, which he headed for fourteen years prior to serving as dean of the Tulane University School of Engineering. During his seven years as dean at Tulane, both the undergraduate and graduate enrollment grew as did SAT and GRE scores, and the dollar volume of research tripled.


Please join me in thanking Bill for his leadership, his contributions to the academic community, and his enthusiasm for NJIT. We wish him well in the next phase of his academic career.