NJIT Faculty and Staff
Robert A. Altenkirch
February 25, 2004
NJIT Strategic Planning at NJIT

As you may be aware already, we have been engaged in a strategic planning process that began this past summer. A Steering Committee developed priorities and objectives, and ten campus-wide task forces developed tactics so that the plan would be operational, a plan of action rather than simply a statement of aspiration.  Such action plans are ones of investment to move an organization forward and are a necessary ingredient in striving to reach full potential and move ahead of our competitors, regardless of whatever challenges we face, in daily operations or financially.


The planning process allowed us to develop a vision and a course of action through the priorities and objectives established, to make decisions as to resource allocation, and to align our work around near-term objectives consistent with the longer-term priorities.  While the process is a dynamic one that will lead to periodic and systematic changes to our plan, the work begun last summer is complete.  The strategic plan, tactical plan, and funding summary of the tactical plan are available at the Planning link on the NJIT homepage.


To support the initiatives of the plan, you will recall that during the budgeting process for this fiscal year, $2.1 million of operating funds was reallocated as a Reinvestment Fund. We will continue to allocate resources toward priorities, and ensure that what we plan can be fully implemented.  Additionally, private and federal funds are being raised and secured to support certain activities.  Some of the objectives and tactics of the plan had been started before the plan had been fully developed, and so they are already under way.  For others, funds are now being released to those responsible for implementation so that other parts of the plan become operational. 


Planning budget allocations from the Reinvestment Fund for this fiscal year are being added to appropriate, existing budgets. Funding notification is now being sent to individuals with budgetary responsibility for the various aspects of the plan.  Funding for those efforts and initiatives that is to be allocated beyond the current fiscal year will be budgeted for the fiscal year in which the funds are to be spent.


Thanks to many of you for your work on and input to the strategic plan.  It is a strategic and focused plan and provides a guide for enhancing our academic and research programs, the quality and diversity of our student body, our quality of life, and gaining deserved recognition for our accomplishments.