NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch
October 8, 2005
The NJIT Brand

On Saturday, October 8th, NJIT Day, the university's new visual identity will begin to unfold on campus. This will mark the beginning of a long-term effort to raise the visibility of the university and define NJIT’s unique position as New Jersey’s preeminent science-and-technology-focused research university. 

NJIT has a great tradition and proud history that extends back well over a hundred years. In the last thirty years, we have seen particularly dramatic change. Our academic and research programs have grown, and we've built a first rate campus of which we all can be proud. 

Our challenge now is to shine a spotlight on NJIT, and showcase what we offer this state and region, the nation, and the global community. NJIT’s brand image must not only symbolize our spirit and attitude, it must also help NJIT stand apart in an increasingly competitive world.

We live in a knowledge economy. Jobs depend on the quality of knowledge workers. New knowledge is what distinguishes a commodity from a value-added product or service. NJIT — New Jersey’s Science & Technology University — maintains “the edge in knowledge” that enables us to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and engaged.

We continually peer over the horizon to uncover “the edge in knowledge” for the benefit of faculty, students, sponsors, employers, and society at large.  Our brand, developed through consensus of focus groups, should evoke this image at every turn, in everything we do, whether it be in the classroom, the laboratory, or the athletic playing field in competition with our academic peers.

Branding is a process, and this is the beginning.  There is work to be done to maintain a consistent message, consistent visual imagery, and ensure brand recognition deserving of who we are — an outstanding research university focused on science and technology.