NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch
Friday, January 14, 2005
NJIT Policies on the Web

NJIT maintains a number of policies that guide the administrative functions of the university. In order to make these policies readily available, comprehensively, at one location, a policy web site has been developed. University policies may now be viewed at The link is accessible under the ABOUT NJIT section of the NJIT homepage under Organization as well as the “current students” and “faculty & staff” links under MY NJIT on the NJIT homepage. Additionally, policies of a particular administrative division of the university will be accessible via a link on the main web page of that division.


At present, there is no formal policy on policies, i.e., how policies are developed and approved. However, anyone at NJIT may propose adoption of a policy, or a revision of an existing policy, and submit that proposal through the administrative division in which they work or through the administrative division under whose purview the proposed policy would fall. Such proposals would be reviewed by General Counsel, appropriate groups on campus, at the Vice Presidential level, and with concurrence of the appropriate Vice President(s) and the President become an official university policy. A schedule of review of existing policies is indicated on a number of existing policies and is being developed for others as well.