NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch
Friday, November 10, 2006
Hosting Elected Officials

From time to time, we host elected and appointed officials and dignitaries at NJIT.  In doing so, it is important for the individuals to be received appropriately, for appropriate protocols to be observed, and for facilities and public safety issues to be addressed adequately.  Additionally, in hosting an individual seeking public office, we need to ensure that they and NJIT adhere to the University’s policy on Partisan Activities and State statute that defines NJIT’s public policy rights and responsibilities and delineates its legal responsibility to remain free from partisan influence and behavior.


In order to facilitate the hosting of elected and appointed officials and dignitaries at NJIT, we have implemented a policy and procedures, which can be found at the NJIT policy site at, whereby individuals or groups desiring to invite elected or appointed officials or dignitaries to campus are to consult with the Chief of Staff in the President’s Office so that we are aware of the potential invite and are in a position to counsel the individual or group as to appropriate protocols and procedures prior to the invitation being extended.  Following invitation, the event for which the invitation is extended will be coordinated through the Office of Special Events.


The policy and procedures apply to both members of the NJIT community and outside groups desiring to extend invitations to elected or appointed officials or dignitaries to use NJIT facilities.