NJIT Community
Robert A. Altenkirch
Saturday, October 28, 2006
Launch of new website design

Late this week, we began to roll out a new look and feel for NJIT’s website.  This is the first of several site relaunches scheduled over the next few months, and it is the result of work started in the spring of 2006 in partnership with mStoner, a web design and development firm hired by NJIT to lead the site redesign.


The NJIT homepage and Admissions site were released first. Soon, the remainder of the top level introductory NJIT pages will be released.  Lastly, the new design will be applied to academic and administrative unit web pages.


This initial website relaunch is only the most immediately visible part of a restructuring and refocusing of NJIT’s web presence that will allow us to reach and communicate with both internal and external audiences through a website that is attractive, representative of NJIT, highly accessible, and easily navigable.


Background information and updates can be found at


Thanks, and we invite you to explore the new site and observe its evolution over time.