NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch
Thursday, July 6, 2006
Office of University Web Services

As the State’s science and technology university, with our vision of preeminence among technological research universities, NJIT should always position itself at the cutting edge of technology, including online services and resources. Toward that end, we recently engaged mStoner LLC, a well-regarded communications firm providing web design and development services, whose clients currently include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia, among others, to assess the status of our current web site and assist in a redesign and relaunch the NJIT web site. We need to ensure that we are reaching and communicating with both internal and external audiences through a web site that is attractive, representative of NJIT, highly accessible, and easily navigable.

Dean Fadi Deek has been serving as the Project Leader for this effort, along with a set of working groups comprised of a number of faculty and staff. One of the first recommendations of mStoner was to form a dedicated web services group focusing on content, creative aspects of the web, including graphic design elements and web photography, and the technical issues surrounding the software and systems with which content is deployed. As a result, we have formed the Office of University Web Services, reporting, for the time being, to the President while we interact with mStoner during the relaunch phase. The office will be formed through, by and large, reorganization and reassignment of existing personnel with appropriate expertise. Fadi Deek will continue to serve as the direct contact with mStoner, and Jim Robertson, Assistant University Librarian, will serve as Director of University Web Services. A detailed description of the new organization and personnel alignment can be found at under Other Planning Initiatives.

Along with continued involvement of everyone who has responsibility for web content throughout the campus, this new organizational structure will provide the focus needed to deliver up-to-date and technologically forward looking web services to all of our constituents. We all look forward to a new web look in the next few months, with the entire redesign complete within the coming academic year, and we will keep you informed as the effort proceeds.