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Robert A. Altenkirch
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Strategic Plan Update and Middle States Self-Study
We are beginning the process of revising the University Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 as described in ViSTa, A Strategic Planning Process for NJIT, Vision-Strategy-Tactics, a planning process framework developed by the Board of Overseers and one that we followed in developing the current Strategic Plan.  The ViSTa planning process document can be found on the University Planning site at The Steering Committee described in ViSTa has been formed, and the membership is listed on the Planning site. The Committee has responsibility for coordinating and guiding the planning process. 

The current Plan is organized as described in ViSTa to incorporate the following elements, in a hierarchy from the general to the specific: Mission; Vision; Core Values; Value Proposition; Goals; Strategic Priorities; and Strategic Objectives, each of which is backed up by a number of Tactics to be executed to meet the Strategic Objectives.  Only the Strategic Priorities, Strategic Objectives, and Tactics change to any extent over a few planning cycles.  The Senior Staff has reviewed the current Strategic Plan ( and drafted a revision through the Strategic Priorities.  A copy of that revised document can be found on the Planning site.

Changes in the Strategic Priorities over the current Strategic Plan consist of using language consistent with the current University descriptor, “New Jersey’s Science and Technology University,” including “design” as an emphasis in the Mission, and combining the two Strategic Priorities focused on developing nationally recognized programs and improving rankings in research and technology development.  The combination makes clear that research and learning are intimately related.

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are to review and finalize the Strategic Plan through the Strategic Priorities, draft and finalize the Strategic Objectives, and guide the work of various Task Forces that will be established around certain Strategic Objective themes.  The Task Forces will draft sets of Tactics, which the Steering Committee will review and finalize.  The Steering Committee will be responsible for developing assessment metrics and a Balanced Scorecard as well (see for the current assessment tool and Scorecard).

The work of revising the Strategic Plan will form, in part, input to efforts to develop a Self-Study Report for a Middle States accreditation visit during 2011-2012.  A draft of the Self-Study Report needs to be complete in the fall of 2011 with a final Report to be ready in January of 2012 for a visit in the spring of that year. Details regarding the organization of the Self-Study will be distributed in the near future.

The Steering Committee will continue to meet over the summer to complete a final draft of the Plan through the Strategic Objectives, with Task Forces set up in the early fall to propose comprehensive sets of Tactics. Evolution of the Plan can be tracked at the above Planning site.

We have the opportunity to build on the successes of the current Strategic Plan, most of the Objectives of which have been met, and the very successful Middle States accreditation visit in 2002 and Periodic Review Report of 2007 and to align our efforts again around common shared values and objectives for the next five or six years. I look forward to using the opportunity for us to enhance NJIT even further.