NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Status of Central High
I want to update you on the status of the old Central High School building. In May 2008, NJIT entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement with Newark Public Schools (NPS) for the purchase of the building. The agreement contained a delayed closing clause to allow NPS to use the building to house NPS students who might be temporarily displaced during renovation of their school. With NPS not needing the facility beyond this fiscal year, we closed on June 15 so that NJIT is now the owner of the facility. 

Prior to closing, NPS was conducting adult education classes in the Central High building. Those classes have been relocated to several classrooms in Faculty Hall through the end of June, and there is some work still underway by Central High staff to complete the removal of materials currently stored in the building.

Our initial use of Central High will be for thirteen classrooms on the second floor.   Renovation design to allow for this use has been completed. Several renovation projects such as installation of a sprinkler system and fire alarm systems and elevator upgrades are underway. The sprinkler system will initially be installed to accommodate use only of the second floor and the hall and stair towers from the street to the second floor. Improvements will include smart classrooms, telecom/network access, and upgrades to lighting and temperature controls. Occupancy is expected in late fall.

Summit Street from Warren Street to New Street, which was previously vacated such that it is no longer a street, is now entirely owned by NJIT. Access will be limited to construction and delivery vehicles only beginning July 6. Future plans are to convert the street into a pedestrian walkway as per the campus Landscape Master Plan, and a Task Force has been formed to develop a vision for future utilization of the building.