NJIT Faculty, Staff and Students
Robert A. Altenkirch
Friday, October 1, 2010
Strategic Plan for 2010-2015
Most of the Objectives of the Strategic Plan put in place in 2004 have been met, including, as noted previously:
  • completion of the Campus Master Plan, encompassing the NJIT Campus Gateway [Redevelopment] Plan now in the implementation phase;
  • successful completion of two special-purpose fundraising campaigns for Albert Dorman Honors College and Athletics;
  • increased national prominence of academic and research programs;
  • substantial growth in the licensing of intellectual property;
  • enrollment growth, including one of the largest freshman classes in history; and
  • substantial improvement in graduation rates.

In July, a “final” draft of an updated Strategic Plan for 2010-2015, developed under the guidance of a Strategic Plan Steering Committee and a number of campus-wide Task Forces using NJIT’s ViSTA Strategic Planning Process, was completed. The NJIT Board of Trustees at its September meeting adopted a revised version of the draft Plan, which is available at

The Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 will form, in part, input to efforts to develop our Self-Study Report for a Middle States accreditation visit during 2011-2012.  A draft of the Self-Study Report will be completed in the fall of 2011 with a final Report to be ready in January of 2012 for a visit in the spring of that year. Development of the Self-Study Report can be tracked at

Some of the Tactics of the 2010 Plan have already been or are being implemented, e.g., contracting with a Master Developer to execute the NJIT Campus Gateway Project, development of a strategic plan for Alumni Relations, redesign of the NJIT web site, and analysis of the reasons why students are not retained in order to improve retention rates, to name a few. The 2010 Plan will allow us to build on the successes of the 2004 Strategic Plan, the very successful Middle States accreditation visit in 2002 and Periodic Review Report of 2007, to reaffirm core values, and to align our efforts again around objectives for the next five or six years.